Each month a handful of mobile games see limited release in select regions to let publishers test the waters before a global roll out. Transformers: Battle Game went into soft launch mode last week, and it’s not the type of Transformers game we expected.
transformers battle game

The imaginatively titled Transformers: Battle Game is an endless runner game being billed as an endless “combat” runner. As you’d expect, you can change forms and run or drive through the stages along with being able to attack with a melee blow or ranged weapon. The controls are pretty standard as you’ll tilt your device to move and tap on-screen buttons to shoot, change forms, etc…

Transformers: Battle Game’s missions are laid out on a map and they are of the 3-star variety. There are around 20 of them at this time to go along with a handful of unlockable characters. There’s also an energy-based setup unfortunately. As it’s in soft launch mode things could be added or tweaked, so take the numbers with a grain of salt.

transformers battle game

This one dropped into the Play Store about 5 days ago, and at this time it appears to be a limited launch in the Philippines. No word on when Transformers: Battle Game will see a wide release, but we’re guessing it may be sometime towards the end of the month when Age of Extinction rolls out.

Transformers: Battle Game for Android