Fans of the X-Men series, including the comic book and movies, will love the X-Men video slot machine game. With five reels and 25 pay lines there are a lot of opportunities for players to win money.  This jackpot game is linked to other slot machine games based on Marvel comics which are also a good reason for players to check it out. At random times during the game the jackpot can be triggered though the higher a player’s bet is the more likely they will be to trigger the jackpot. When it is triggered players are taken to an additional screen with 20 squares. Under each square is a symbol that represents a specific level of the game’s jackpot. Selecting squares reveals to players which symbols they have inadvertently picked. Uncovering three identical symbols during this jackpot bonus round gets players a jackpot win and their winnings are credited to them before gameplay resumes.


X-Men fans will recognize the symbols used in the game, as most symbols are characters from the series such as:


  • Wolverine
  • Professional Xavier
  • Storm
  • Nightcrawler
  • Cyclops
  • Sabertooth
  • Magneto
  • Juggernaut
  • Mystique
  • Rogue


An unusual feature exclusive to this game is the X feature. This feature is not triggered very often as it requires players to get X-Men characters or superheroes all across the game screen, starting with the second reel and stretching to the fourth reel. When characters are lined up like this they form the letter X. When a lucky player hits this winning combination they get five times the amount of the bet they placed.


The regular bonus game within the X-Men slots is triggered by the X-Men logo, which serves as the game’s scatter symbol. Within the bonus game there are two modes, which are the villains and the heroes. The game’s heroes mode gives players a chance to win unlimited free spins that will increase the amount of money they walk away from the game with. There is an extra wild symbol in the heroes mode. In this case that extra wild symbol is represented by Magneto.  The villain mode of the game offers players no more than eight spins for free and also includes an extra wild symbol, this time represented by Professor Xavier.


This video slot machine game is a real treat for X-Men fans and anyone else who is looking for an exciting and profitable game.