Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Gravity Lab is a brand new physics based iOS puzzle game developed by a small two man team, but despite this, everything about the game could easily rival the likes of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. If you’re a fan of either of the two aforementioned games, then I think Gravity Lab will be an absolute hit for you.

Gravity Lab starts with a nice intro cutscene to give a little insight into what the whole game is about, which although not necessary, it certainly gives the game a more complete feel to it. Straight after the cut scene, you are taken into the first level of Gravity Lab, and a few on-screen pop ups will explain the simple gameplay controls.


Gravity Lab is a physics based iOS puzzle game that requires you to swing your robot friend into obstacles on the screen, with the aim to knock those objects into the three stars present on each and every level. Like many games in this genre, gaining 1 star is all that’s necessary to complete each level, but gaining more stars will provide the player with additional benefits, along with a feeling of accomplishment that can only truly be paralleled with the sensation of reaching a hard to itch scratch on your back.


The thing that makes Gravity Lab stand out from other titles in the genre is it’s interesting take on the physics within the game. Like any other physics based iOS puzzle game, everything in Gravity Lab reacts accordingly to smashes and collisions with other objects, besides one rather large twist…


The main objects used in Gravity Lab are various colored cubes that have been pre-stacked into various shapes and sizes, however each color of block reacts to a separate gravitational pull. When you are presented with a level of various different colored blocks, you must use your smarts to predict how each block will react when hit into. It’s a very interesting concept that really starts to get quite complicated in the more advanced levels.

Besides from being an incredibly fun physics based iOS puzzle game, Gravity Lab is filled with all sorts of other wonders as well. The soundtrack is easy on the ears, along with the various in-game sound effects, and the graphics are also more than on-par. Gameplay is incredibly smooth thanks to the Unity engine that Gravity Lab runs on, and there is even an in-game item shop that allows players to buy vanity items to customize their robot with.


This is of course where in-app purchases come into play. Whilst you can slowly earn enough coins to buy yourself a new item or two for your robot, there are real cash options that give you bundles of coins to spend in the store as well. There’s nothing in the shop that effects gameplay, so I think the developers behind Gravity Lab have done a great job here, especially considering there are just two individuals working on the title.

Gravity Lab is a free game, however it does come with advertisements, which fortunately aren’t too intrusive. Any IAP purchase of $1.99 or higher will remove the ads, but it seems purchases for iOS games seems to be either completely disabled or just broken at this point in time, which is odd, because everything else about the game seems to operate smoothly.

You can check out Gravity Lab here.