Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Looks can be deceiving. It’s nothing new, especially in the world of mobile games where a cool looking icon and some screens can trick you into downloading a horrible game. It goes both ways though as sometimes simple shapes and bright colors are just a ruse for what lies ahead. That’s the case with Weseewe from Eric Zingeler…weseewee-2

Weseewe is a side-scroller of sorts that puts you in control of a small pink block. When you hit the play button, the screen starts scrolling and you’ll only have two options – jump or die.

You’ll tap once to jump and twice to double jump with the goal of landing on the colors presented to you at the beginning of the round. There are no pits to perish in or deadly moving hazards, but there are 10 dastardly colors to deal with.

When a round starts you get a color, and you’ll have to land on that colored block/platform to keep going. If your starting color is blue, all the blue blocks will be solid and safe to land on while you’ll fall through all the others.

As you progress, the game will unlock another color which gives you a bit more to work with. It also makes things a hell of a lot harder as you have to think quickly to keep up with what colors are safe.

There are no extra bells & whistles in Weseewe, but it really doesn’t need them. You’ve got the 10weseewee-1 colors to get through, and there are 5 achievements to shoot for as well. It may not sound like much, but if you manage to get the “Simply King” one, we’ll be impressed.

It’s not a game you’ll play forever, but it is a great game to play in bursts or pass off to your buddies if you want to test their skills.


Weseewe may look simple, but as we said, looks can be deceiving. It’s not the toughest game we’ve played, but it’s pretty damned frustrating and a nice change of pace from other evil one-tap games like Flappy Bird or Super Hexagon. It’s also gives you that “one more go” type of feeling which makes it hard to put down once you manage to string a few solid runs together.

We also enjoyed the little blocks funny sayings before each round. Our personal favorite was “Let’s string this Noodle.”

If you’re looking for a fun way to kill some time and dig tough one-tappers, you will definitely want to pick up Weseewe. It’s a great minimalistic twitch game, and it’s totally free to download on Google Play or the App Store.