Our overall verdict "Excellent"

One-tap games are plentiful in the Play Store, but we got a new one this week that’s just a wee bit different than the rest. Clamber is the name of the game, and it’s an endless climbing game that looks like it crawled out of the craft room and onto your mobile.clamber

Clamber is a climbing game that lets you control a cotton ball creature with elastic legs. To move said creature, you’ll need to tap and drag one of his arms to a new point, then tap to release again – rinse and repeat. The mechanics are simple enough so that anyone will be able to pick up and play Clamber with ease.

Climbing in Clamber is an endless, so the goal of each run is simply to see how far you can go. When you start moving, the screen starts moving and your run will end when you run out of room or hit a hazard. Occasionally you’ll come across stars, and you’ll want to snap them up as they are the game’s form of currency.

You can trade stars in for new creature parts, and there are a lot to choose from including new colors and different sizes of eyes. As you’d expect, you can earn or buy the stars and we’re happy to say the prices are right as couple of bucks should net you any customizations you’d like. It’ll also kill the ads.clamber2

All those new parts can be used in the “Make” section where you can dunk your creature’s fuzzy parts in different colors. You can mix and match parts at will, and make some pretty crazy looking climbers once you nab some parts to work with.

With the influx of one-tap games over the past few months, it’s great to see something different like Clamber come along. It won’t wow you with its depth or blow you away with its graphics, but it’s a charming little game that’s easily accessible and quite a bit of fun. Really enjoyed the style of the game as well, and being able to customize your creature is the icing on the cake.

It’s great for kids and adults, and it’s totally free to play. If you’re looking for a great casual climber, you can’t go wrong with Clamber.