Our overall verdict "Good"

Bina Blocks is a brand new iOS game that takes a new approach on the concept behind Angry Birds. In Bina Blocks, the objective of the game is to build structures that are impenetrable from low flying cartoon birds that tend to knock straight into the first thing they see, and surprisingly it’s quite a lot of fun. I’ve spent a half hour in Bina Blocks, and I have to say, I’m tremendously impressed.

Bina Blocks may be a fairly unknown indie game at this point, but despite this, it has some qualities you don’t tend to expect in such small games. Whilst the graphics aren’t stunning, they are far from mediocre, and the developer has made sure the concept of the game is understand by in-game prompts and pop-ups.

There is also a backing track for Bina Blocks, and it sounds decent enough for me not to want to turn it off after a few minutes, which is usually quite a hard task to grasp, especially for iOS arcade games like this. Bina Blocks also comes with a very in-depth set of physics that really make you feel every hit against your tower after you’ve built it.


Each level of Bina Blocks has a different set of heights your tower needs to reach to achieve your goal. Like many arcade games available for iOS, there is a three star system, so if you are finding a level difficult, you can opt to earn just one star instead of aiming for all three stars. You’ll be limited on the amount of blocks you can use per round, and there will be different blocks to choose from as you progress through the game, each with their own point cost.

For example, a large rectangle shape costs 4 points, whilst a standard sized square costs 2, and a small triangle costs just 1. For blocks like the rectangle, you’ll have to rely on physics to help rotate and position them – there is no built-in rotate feature, so to get a rectangle block to go vertically, you’ll have to balance it off the edge of a square block and let it tip onto it’s side.


There are a few tricks like this that you’ll learn whilst playing Bina Blocks, and a successful player will learn to use a combination of physics tricks, balancing and clever block placement to get past each and every round.

Bina Blocks is absolutely free – you can download it from the iOS app store here.