We’ve been expecting a mobile sequel to Battleheart ever since the first game was launched to mobile devices in 2011, and despite various rumors and suggestions that a sequel was indeed coming, it took a while for Mika Mobile to finally push for development on the title. Now, around 3 years after the release of the iconic title, Battleheart Legacy has reached the iOS app store as a successor to the first game in the franchise.

battleheart legacy 1

Battleheart Legacy was actually spotted on the New Zealand app store a day ago without much of a notion from Mika Mobile themselves, however today it has reached the app store worldwide, meaning it’s available for purchase in any region. If you’re in the US, Battleheart Legacy will put you back $4.99, which although quite a high price for a mobile title, if you’re a fan of the original game, you’ll most likely see reason with this price.

For those that don’t know, Battleheart Legacy is a follow up to Mika Mobile’s very own mobile action RPG franchise that has received a lot of praise across the globe. So far, everybody seem to be just as happy with the seqel as they were with the first game in the series, and I can expect Battleheart Legacy to go down as a mobile classic.

battleheart legacy 2

Battleheart Legacy is a huge improvement from the first title as far as general gameplay, graphics and RPG mechanics go. In fact, Legacy has pretty much 1UP’d everything the first game was renowned for.

You can check out Battleheart Legacy on the iOS app store for yourself here.