Watch Dogs is now officially out, and the Watch Dogs Companion ctOS app is a new app from Ubisoft that lets you get in on the game from your mobile. It is not your typical companion app.

The Watch Dogs Companion ctOS app pits you against people playing Watch Dogs on their consoles or the PC. You take control of the Chicago PD and get access to their ctOS devices that are spread out around the city. You’ll use your mobile to get a top-down view of the action as you try to stop players who are racing in-game trying to hit checkpoints. The best part? You don’t even need to own the game…

To use the app you’ll need to login through a PSN, Xbox Live or Uplay account, and once in you’ll be able to play against your friends that have the game or in quick matches against random foes. There’s also mention of upgrades and challenges, so the ctOS app may have a little more depth than your typical companion app.ctos.app2

The Watch Dogs Companion ctOS app is out now for your enjoyment, but the servers are slammed at the moment so you may want to check back once things have settled down a bit. If you want to give the Watch Dogs Companion ctOS app a go, you can snag it for free on Google Play or the App Store.