Our overall verdict "Good"

Last week FairPlay Media brought MacGyver to the masses with a new puzzler by the name of MacGyver Deadly Descent. After spending the weekend solving puzzles and trying to save a lab full of scientists we’re back with our review.

MacGyver Deadly Descent is a puzzle game that drops Mac into a sticky situation straight out of the macgyver deadly descentseries. You’re tasked with rescuing some scientists that have become trapped in an underground lab, and you’ll do this by solving puzzles that span six different areas. There’s also a villain by the name of Viktor because it’s MacGyver, and you have to have a big bad.

Each area of the lab contains several sets of puzzles, and things will start out easily enough with Laser Quest and Down to the Wire. You’ll need to complete a certain percentage of the puzzles levels to progress to the next area of the lab and the puzzles get (somewhat) tougher as you make your way towards the scientists.

Every so often you’ll get a break in the action with a comic book cut scene that helps move the story along, but aside from that it’s deadlypuzzles from start to finish. There are six different types of puzzles in all and while there isn’t much variety, there are a whole lot of puzzles – right around 93 in all.

MacGyver is a genius, but you don’t have to be one to play MacGyver Deadly Descent as most of the puzzles are pretty damned easy. Don’t get me wrong, there are some tricky ones in the latter levels, but overall it was a bit simpler than I expected considering it’s a MacGyver game… and it has its own cheat app.

If you want to give it a whirl, you can pick up MacGyver Deadly Descent for $2.99 on Google Play or the App Store.