Gameloft have slowly been gearing up for the release of Modern Combat 5 by revealing information on the upcoming mobile based shooter and live streaming their progress on the title. So far, we know the game will be nicknamed Blackout, and like every sequel in the series so far, we can expect to see a decent jump in graphical and gameplay quality.

The Modern Combat series has gone a long way since it’s first debut in 2009, and despite not having major appeal to the average smartphone user base, who usually prefer simpler, more casual titles, Gameloft has still put a lot of resources and effort into the franchise.


From what we saw in the Twitch stream, Modern Combat 5: Blackout looks absolutely stunning, and I could easily see it being the most graphically advanced mobile game out when it finally reaches the app store.

What excites me the most about Modern Combat 5 is that Gameloft have pledged to make sure the game never sees a single in-app purchase, and personally I think this takes a lot of bravery, especially considering so much time and effort has gone into developing the next Modern Combat game.


In Modern Combat 5, players will not be able to buy in-game ‘kill streaks’ like previous titles, and everything must be unlocked with in-game earned currency. There will also be no level boosts or even any cosmetic items behind in-app purchase paywalls. This is a huge leap of faith for Gameloft, so hopefully the upcoming mobile FPS game will see some success. Obviously for a big development studio like Gameloft, this kind of risk is a little easier to take, but if a change in revenue model like this by the big players proves to be successful, it could encourage many small time indie developers to go a similar route.

Watch a recording of the Twitch live stream below.