Cube Run is what first-time app developer Brett Johnson calls an intense beautiful new rhythm runner, but is his new mobile app really worthy of that title? I’ve had a go at Cube Run, and I have to say, there’s certainly potential for the concept, even if that potential has not quite been reached just yet.


In Cube Run, there is one very simple objective – tap the screen every time the cube crosses the line onto another block of color, and avoid tapping the screen at any other time at all costs. After a while of following this pattern, you start to fall into a rhythm, and from here the gameplay slips by smoothly.

In a similar fashion to flappy birds, Cube Run never really gets any more difficult over time – successful Cube Run players get high scores by keeping concentration and holding good timing, just like any other rhythm game.

I personally feel like Cube Run has a lot of room for improvement though, and despite having a sound track to back the rhythmic gameplay, the sounds are very basic, and it would feel a lot more involving if a professional catchy tune played in the background.

The next major issue with Cube Run is that it’s gameplay really doesn’t last that long; one trick ponies like this sometimes have the miracle change of being successful, but it’ll take something new and different for Cube Run to really shine. If Cube Run focused more heavily on it’s rhythm game routes, it could eventually prove to be a very enjoyable experience in the future.


I could imagine Cube run to sport multiple backing tracks that, when played, affect the overall rhythm of the game, and various power-ups or modifiers that could mix things up and add variety to the otherwise very simple gameplay experience.

Cube Run can be picked up for free, so if you do have a spare few minutes and want a mindless game that you can throw some of your free time towards, you may want to check it out. The game does have advertisements, but there is an option to pay to remove these if you feel so inclined.

Check out Cube Run on the app store.