The one genre of games I enjoy the most on my smartphone are android and iOS puzzle games – usually they don’t contain many IAPs that restrict gameplay, and like casual games, they can be played at any time of day whenever you have a few minutes to spare, and generally they are probably the most forgiving when it comes to eating your battery¬†levels.

If you can relate to this, then you may want to keep your eyes peeled for GlowGrid – it’s a new iOS puzzle game planned for release some time in June, and it takes inspiration from Tetris, among other puzzlers to give a fairly unique and original experience.


GlowGrid has a similar ruleset to the age old classic, but unlike Tetric, blocks do not fall down from the top of the game screen. Instead, players will be given the choice to add the Tetris-shaped blocks manually to any available space in the game. The catch is that the blocks usually consist of multiple colors, and only when four or more colors match will shapes start to disappear from the screen.

Just like with Tetris, this new iOs puzzle game gets more difficult every time a new block is added, and tension really starts to rise when you are limited for space.

I expect there will be all sorts of other modifiers and slight rule changes in GlowGrid that may make the overall experience a little more varied than the typical game of Tetris, and personally I’m quite looking forward to it. Like mentioned before, GlowGrid will be available in June – the price tag for this iOS puzzle game will be $1.99 for iOS and Android. Check out the preview trailer below.