During the first half of 2014 there hasn’t been many gaming Kickstarter projects that really jump out and intrigue potential backers. The guys at DreamHarvesters from Turkey look to change that with their unique co-op gladiator RPG. The idea sounds really entertaining on paper, and with your help you can make Lanistawars: Titans a reality. With a successful Kickstarter campaign you can expect to see Lanistawars: Titans released on PC, Mac, and Linux.


You and your friends will assemble a team of gladiators from all parts of the world, each with their own different set of abilities. Your team will then travel to several city arenas to wage battle with waves of enemies and tough bosses. As you progress through Lanistawars: Titans you will encounter NPC’s that offer you quests as well as tell you epic tales about the Lanistawars world.

Lanistawars: Titans features a very interesting perk system that is unlike anything done before. Like most role playing games when you level you will select a perk or ability that will aid you on your quest and make your character stronger, but there’s a catch. Along with a beneficial perk you will also have to select a negative one, which you will have to pick strategically to remain a well balanced gladiator. To help make your team the baddest bunch of gladiators in the arena you will be able to craft your own weapons. The crafting system for Lanistawars: Titans revolves around finding runes and recipes that can be combined with standard weapons to create something much more powerful.


Lanistawars: Titans‘ Kickstarter campaign runs until June 16th 2014 and at the time of writing the guys at DreamHarvesters have raised $1,700 of their $65,000 goal. If their initial goal is met some of the stretch goals for the project include the use of motion capture technology, added chapters, and added heroes to choose from in the game. Backers of Lanistawars: Titans will receive a wide variety of rewards for their pledges such as soundtracks, art books, shirts, posters, designing items and characters, and even a chance to work with the design team. Also by pledging just $1 you will get a digital copy of Lanistawars: Titans! To pledge or find out more about the project you can click the link below:

Lanistawars: Titans Kickstarter page