22cans got our attention with their Curiosity Cube last year, but their second effort is what we’ve really been waiting for. Godus hit Steam’s Early Access program towards the end of 2013 and today the iOS version rolled out as a soft-launch.

Godus is Peter Molyneux and 22cans revisiting of the God Game genre. Considering Molyneux was responsible for Populous, people have been understandably excited about a new game in the same vein as the classic. The Kickstarter campaign for Godus proved that, and now gamers in New Zealand are getting a chance to experience the mobile version firsthand.godus-1

If you’ve been waiting to play Godus, today’s soft-launch is good news as it means a wide release should be imminent barring any unforeseen setbacks. No global release date has been announced, and there has been no soft-launch of the Android version thus far. If you live in NZ and want to take Godus for a spin, just hit up the link below.