There have been an abundance of one-tap games in the app stores lately, and Bulkypix dropped a new one today by the name of 4444. Nope, it’s not another Threes! clone, but it is a colorful puzzler that’s going to keep you busy for ages.

Each level in 4444 is comprised of squares. You won’t slide them around as you’d expect, instead you’ll tap a square to lay another square down in its place. Your goal is to turn the playing field of small squares into one single colored square and you’ll even get a handy Tetris-esque slider that shows the upcoming colors of blocks.Screenshot_2014-05-15-12-47-32

4444 sounds much simpler than it actually is as the difficulty will ramp up and new obstacles will be thrown in your way with ‘wildcard’ blocks and rainbow colored ones that require you to time your tap to lock in the color you need. There are 3 different modes of play in the game with Moves, Time and Arcade and there looks to be around 84 levels in all including the tutorial.

Cellar Ghost Game Studio did a great job with 4444, and it’s a puzzle game a lot of folks are going to enjoy. That said, the pricing is a little tricky depending on your platform of choice. The iOS version is listed at $1.99 in the App Store and we have no idea if there are any IAP’s involved. The Android version of 4444 is listed as free on Google Play with no mention of IAP’s, but you only get an Arcade Mode and 12 regular levels to go along with 12 tutorial levels. You can pay to unlock each ‘mode’ for $1.23 each or unlock everything for $2.46. Great game, strange choice on the pricing from the publisher.

4444 for iOS

4444 for Android