Rovio has almost squeezed everything it can out of the Angry Birds franchise, and whilst they aren’t ready to give up on their extremely successful mobile-born franchise just yet, the bird flingin’ arcade game creator does have plans to start putting more focus on games outside of the Angry Birds experience. To keep the Rovio branding strictly to do with anything Angry Birds, the Finland based mobile developer has introduced a brand new publishing studio that will work under the same roof as it’s parent, under the name of LVL11.

retryLVL11 will be Rovio’s experimental branch, and it will be the home of all sorts of wild and wacky creations that Rovio might be a little too scared to release under their best known name. This includes the brand new mobile game RETRY, a title that takes inspiration from Flappy Birds to offer an even more frustrating tap-to-fly experience.

Whilst games under the LVL11 label will be considered separate projects from the rest of Rovio’s content, any new developed games by LVL11 will still be cross promoted through Rovio’s other platforms, so it’s likely we’ll hear just as much about any new LVL11 title by Rovio as we would about a brand new Angry Birds game.

The Angry Birds franchise is now getting a little boring and repetitive, and I expect even children are starting to wish for something a little better from Rovio. Personally I think LVL11 could be a great thing for Rovio, and we may end up seeing some great original content that’s completely free from any brightly colored birds or crudely built pig castles.