Sometimes you hear about a game that’s just too good to be true and we thought it was a late April Fools joke when we first heard about the madness that is Glorious Leader! from Moneyhorse games. Turns out, it’s real and over the weekend we got an official trailer.glorious.leader-2

Glorious Leader! is the most insane game we’ve seen this year as it puts you in the role of the Glorious Leader, Kim Jong Un. Kim is on a mission to defeat the capitalistic pigs and he’s going to get some help from a few friends (real and imaginary) along the way. Actually, they could have unicorns in North Korea, nobody knows for sure. We’re not sure if the Shining Star of Paektu Mountain shows his glorious face, but here’s hoping.

The game will feature seven levels of absolute madness and features bosses including the Statue of Liberty. Consider us sold. No release date has been set for Glorious Leader!, but it’s expected to hit mobile devices and PC’s sometime in the near future.