Two new baseball games hit Android this week, and while both have some flaws, MLB Perfect Inning ended up being a nice little surprise. It’s Gamevil’s annual baseball entry, and it’s the best looking baseball game you’ll find on a

MLB Perfect Inning is an “official” baseball game from the folks at Gamevil. It uses real MLB teams and has 215 modeled major leaguers on its roster to go along with 150 motion captured moves from pitchers and batters. It’s certainly the most realistic looking baseball game we’ve seen on a mobile and it’s also simple to play which makes it accessible to the masses.

The game has several different modes of play with the usual suspects like Exhibition and Season along with batting and Head 2 Head. You’ve also got the Management section which lets you fiddle with your roster a bit through training and leveling up players. As you’d expect, there’s an IAP system and a card-based setup as is the trend these

Gamevil cranks out a baseball game for mobiles every year, and MLB Perfect Inning is their finest (English) release to date. We do have some minor gripes, but it’s well worth a go if you’re in the market for a new baseball game. You can pick up Gamevil’s MLB Perfect Inning for free on Google Play.

Perfect Inning