Nintendo has been in the news quite a bit lately, and it’s not been for good reasons as the company is bleeding money and there’s that whole same-sex marriage thing that’s set the net ablaze over the past few days. Well, it looks like Nintendo may have found a solution for the money issues as they are set to release their own Skylander style NFC toys.

Details are a bit sparse, but Nintendo announced their new figurines this morning and said they could be used across multiple games and with your game saves to boot. They figures will work with NFP, Nintendo Figure Platform which is Nintendo’s big new plan to take on Skylanders and Disney Infinity. It’s a plan that could prove to be a winner as Nintendo has a huge archive full of characters to draw from although it remains to be seen how they’ll work within the games.

The NFP platform will work with Wii U and the 3DS thanks to a new Infrared reader that will allow the figurines to be used across both platforms. Wii U compatibility is expected to be ready before the end of the with the IR reader coming into play early next year. The new toys may get demoed at E3 this year, keep your fingers crossed that they’ll be just as cool as they sound.

Via – Chris Kohler Twitter, Nintendo JP