Back in December we told you about two new Japanese Kairosoft games that mysteriously appeared in the Play Store. It took a while, but we’re pleased to announce an English version of one of the games has just showed up on Google Play as Magazine Mogul.magazine

Magazine Mogul is the game previously referred to as “Town Magazine Editorial simulation game of a dream” – thankfully they shortened the name for the English release. As expected, the game puts you in charge of your own magazine with the goal of going from a small local publication to a magazine mogul.

Most Kairosoft games use the same mechanics, and Magazine Mogul is no different. That said, the setting feels magazine mogulfresh and you get to send out reporters, hold staff meetings, and take on other publication-based tasks. It’s got that signature Kairosoft quirkiness as well – my first magazine was about baked potatoes and geared towards businessmen.

I only gave Magazine Mogul a brief play, but definitely like what I’ve seen thus far. Fans of Kairosoft should be pleased with this one, and it will definitely keep you busy while we await Grand Pirate Quests arrival. If you’re ready to kill the rest of your day you can head over to the Play Store and snag Magazine Mogul for $4.99.

Magazine Mogul