Our overall verdict "Excellent"
Gameplay/Controls: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 9/10
Replay Value/Multiplayer: 8/10
Entertainment: 8.5/10

Out with the old and in with the new. What was once a very simple platformer, the Kirby franchise needed a much needed boost, which definitely happened with Kirby Triple Deluxe. Kirby Triple Deluxe almost flawlessly blends 2.5 dimensional platforming with puzzle solving in this all new adventure. Combine the revamped gameplay with loads of secret collectibles and new game modes, Kirby Triple Deluxe is what we’ve all been hoping for.

Dreamland has been engulfed by a giant beanstalk and King Dedede has been captured by an unfamiliar foe, and it’s up to everyone’s favorite adorable pink ball to set things right. Along the way Kirby will encounter some familiar foes as well as some fresh faces, which means more abilities to be utilized. Kirby also has an all new Hypernova ability that allows him to vacuum up virtually every enemy and obstacle in his path.

Giant Enemies Are No Match For Kirby's Hypernova

Giant Enemies Are No Match For Kirby’s Hypernova

As mentioned before Kirby Triple Deluxe is a 2.5 dimensional platformer, much like Crystal Shards and Return To Dreamland. What sets this game apart from previous Kirby titles is the ability to jump from foreground to background. Each level design features multiple tiers and layers which you travel on using warp stars. The 3D effects of the Nintendo 3DS are really put to use well in these vibrant, colorful, and creative stages. Kirby will have to keep his eyes peeled as background enemies can use range attacks and obstacles will fly into the foreground. The multi-tiered levels paired with the Hypernova ability add a whole new dimension to puzzle solving.

Kirby Triple Deluxe uses an overworld map to navigate between stages, much like other Nintendo platformers. Each world consists of 5 stages followed by a boss stage. To access these boss stages you will not only have to complete the 5 stages but also collect enough sun stones to unlock them. These sun stones are acquired by solving puzzles and navigating through secret paths. While doing so you’ll have to keep an eye out for the collectible keychains scattered through each stage. These keychains consist of sprites from all the previous Kirby titles.



Alongside the story mode are two brand new modes: Kirby Fighters and Dedede’s Drum Dash. Kirby Fighters is a simplistic Super Smash Bros. clone in which the player chooses a Kirby with one of his many abilities and pits them against a variety of others. This mode can also be played on local multiplayer. Dedede’s Drum Dash is a rhythm game where the player bounces King Dedede along bongo drums collecting stars and dodging enemies.

Kirby Triple Deluxe is possibly the most colorful game on the 3DS to date. Each stage is jam packed with vibrant forests and beautiful backdrops. Unlike the majority of Nintendo 3DS games, it can also be played using the 3D feature without being harsh on the eyes. Triple Deluxe also features some updated versions of all the catchy Kirby tunes you know and love, and you’ll be guaranteed to be humming along as the game progresses.

Kirby's Victory Dance Is Back In Full Force

Kirby’s Victory Dance Is Back In Full Force

Where Kirby Triple Deluxe falters, much like all Kirby titles is it’s lack of difficulty. Sadly this is expected when making a game for all age groups, but it doesn’t take away any of the enjoyment factor. The game can also be finished rather quickly and will definitely leave you wanting more. Due to it being so addictive don’t be surprised if you burn through the story mode in one or two sit downs. Luckily there is some new game plus content that can keep you busy if your still jonesing for more Kirby action.

Kirby Triple Deluxe is an excellent platformer that is sure to please new and old fans alike. With tons of collectibles and secrets, addicting gameplay, and all new game modes Triple Deluxe is the breath of fresh air the Kirby franchise desperately needed.


Title: Kirby Triple Deluxe

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Developer: HAL Laboratory

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: May 2nd 2014