The 90’s were such a magical time for gaming.  If this a phrase that goes through your head on a daily basis then get ready for a big hit of nostalgia.  Youtube user Da Laser Reactive got a hold of a 90’s era Laser Disc filled with Nintendo trailers.  These discs were originally given to Toys ‘R’ Us stores to play in demo kiosks and advertise Nintendo products.  We’re glad that someone took the time to archive and upload this footage.  It’s an interesting part of gaming history and a major dose of nostalgia for anyone who grew up in that era.  We’re fortunate we live in an era where Youtube access is ubiqitous and you don’t have to drag out a Laser Disc player to watch these trailers (although, to be fair, you probably don’t have one anyway).

Pay special attention to the Virtual Boy commercial – it’s possibly the most “nineties” video ever made.

“Kong’s captured Pauline again, and you’ve gotta get her back, dude!”