Digital games are the way of the future whether you like it or not, and game streaming services are definitely on the rise. Ouya may be known for their Android microconsole, but today they announced plans to fire up their game streaming service with Playcast.

Playcast media developed the new streaming platform, and Ouya just kicked off the beta for the service this week with two games in tow – Splinter Cell: Conviction and Lego Batman 2. The service is Ouya’s answer to OnLive and PlayStation Now as Playcast will allow gamers to get down with triple-A games from big name publishers.

Ouya has already inked deals with some big names for its Playcast service including Ubisoft, EA, Konami, Squeenix, and Warner Bros. just to name a few. There may only be two games in the beta, but you can expect that number to grow whenever the service sheds its beta tag and goes live.

Details are beyond sparse aside from what we’ve mentioned, as nobody knows how much the service will cost per month or when it will come out of Beta. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a company turn to cloud gaming for additional content and it certainly won’t be the last. That said, there’s no doubt that PlayStation Now will kickass, but it remains to be seen how Playcast on the Ouya will pan out.

Via – Playcast