Our overall verdict "Excellent"

It’s always great when you find a hidden gem lurking in the depths of Google Play, and that’s what we found last week when we stumbled across a tough little game by the name of Shattered Planet. The game was soft launched back in March, and now that it’s gone live we’re back to give you the lowdown on Kitfox Games Shattered Planet.

Shattered Planet is a turn-based RPG where you play a clone that’s stuck in the Sci-Fi version of Groundhog Day. Your mission is to search a dangerous planet and collect or kill anything you come across along the way. The problem is your gear is limited and the world is full of viscous creatures big and small.shattered planet

The gameplay consists of tapping on a tile to move or drawing a path to the place you want your clone hero to go. You tap on an enemy to attack it when you’re close enough and if you’re lucky enough to have something in your inventory to use or throw it’s only a tap away. As mentioned, you’ll want to collect vials, keycards or anything else you come across, but you’re ultimate goal is to find the teleporter which sends you to another section of the planet.shattered planet

There are plenty of monsters in Shattered Planet, but you’ll also have to keep an eye out for creeping blight which is great for the monsters and bad for you. The vials you collect can be a godsend or an absolute nightmare depending on the color. Some will heal you while others will set things on fire or turn you to a fine powdery dust. Be thankful you’re a clone.

shattered planet

On your first few trips out, you probably won’t last long, but as you’re a clone you’ll get to come back for another go. Unfortunately, you won’t get to keep anything you collect aside from the crystals and scrap metal. When you regenerate you’ll find yourself aboard a ship which acts as a hub where you can upgrade your character and restock your gear.

The ship has several different areas to interact with the Clone Vats, Storage, Training Area, Crystalobot and R.O.S.A. The Vats allow you to switch up your characters appearance a bit while the Training Area lets you level up your characters Strength, Wits and Health with scrap metal you’ve saved up. Crystalobot lets you spend some crystals for random items and you can occasionally find them down on the planet as well.


R.O.S.A. is where you’ll spend your hard earned crystals and it’s an absolute crapshoot as to what you’ll get. You can get a weapon or helmet that can be extremely powerful or very mediocre. It really throws monkey wrench into things and makes planning ahead a must. Do you want to take a shot on a powerful weapon for 50 crystals or stock up and create a few low to mid-range items?shattered planet

You can always choose to purchase crystals as Shattered Planet is a free-to-play game, so there are some IAP’s. You can buy a crystal tripler for $2.99 that give you three times the yield from any crystals found in the game or choose from several different crystal packs. There are also two more clones and a robot companion that can be purchased if you choose.


Shattered Planet is an awesome little RPG that will keep you busy for ages with its randomly generated environments and seemingly endless supply of armaments from R.O.S.A. Your excursions to the planet can take hours or be over in minutes depending on what the game throws at you. It’s frustrating, but you learn to love the randomness of it all along with the quirky comments from you’re alien sidekick or overlord… we’re not really sure which.

If Shattered Planet sounds like your cup of tea, you can head on over to Google Play or the App Store and pick it up for free.