Fan of XCOM? If so, you’re probably already played XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but on the off-chance you haven’t, and you own an Android device today is your lucky day.xcom

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a critically acclaimed game that puts your tactical skills to the test and also serves as a “reboot” to the old X-COM series gamers came to love in the 90s. You’re tasked with putting down an alien invasion on Earth, luckily you’ll have a wide variety of weapons at your disposal to take on the aliens as that’s how XCOM commanders roll.

If you’ve played the other versions of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you already know what to expect. If not, you can look forward to tons of weapons and tech, scores of aliens in need of slaying, and randomly generated missions that will keep you busy for ages. It’s also easy on the eyes as you can see from the screens.xcom-1

XCOM: Enemy Unknown isn’t going to be a game for everyone, but if you dig in-depth strategy games with loads of depth it may be just the thing for you. No demo is available, but the full version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown can be yours for $9.99.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown