It’s time for another edition of Kickstarter SOS, where we try to put the word out about a Kickstarter game that needs a little help crossing the finish line. We’ve chosen Cult County from Renegade Kid for our pick, and it’s a cool game with a little time left and a long ways to go…

Cult County is an ambitious Kickstarter project that’s described as The Walking Dead with some Silent Hill thrown in for good measure. It’s a horror based first person game set in a spooky West Texas town and it comes from the same folks responsible for Dementium which means it’s safe to say they know how throw a few scares into a game.cult county

Besides looking really cool, the game will have story-driven gameplay with arcs that span multiple episodes. Backers will get to have a say in the final design of Cult County as well. The developers will post choices for different areas of the game (enemy design, sound effects) and the backers will get to vote on their favorites which get put into the game.

As cool as Cult County is, they are a long way from their goal and there’s only a short period of time left in the campaign. At the time of this writing they’ve managed to bring in $42,785 of their planned $580,000 goal. With 8 days to go, they need a whole lot of help or the Kickstarter will likely head into reboot mode.cult.county-2

If you’re wondering why the goal is so high, you’ll want to take into consideration the number of platforms they plan to release on which includes the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PS Vita, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Steam – basically everything but mobiles. If successful, Cult County is set to roll out in May of next year. If not, here’s hoping the dev’s will reboot the campaign.

Cult County