For most of us we dream of having our own games room. A room blessed with a big screen and giant speakers loud enough to blast you through the wall, into the next room, and half way down the high street.

And so, you’ve got the space, you’ve got the console, but where do you start? Well luckily for you we’ve been day-dreaming and found the ultimate set of gadgets to kit out your new games room.

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Imagine sitting in a cinema playing Call of Duty. Yes, we agree, that thought is good. But it’s also a thought that can become a reality. The Sony 4K projector wowed just about everyone at CES 2014, and if you’ve got a wall and pockets big enough, you really can’t get any better.

Although when it’s released, it will certainly come at a cost. The projector will set you back between $30,000 and $40,000 when it lands in the summer, but quite simply, there is nothing more immersive, whether that be the new EA Sports UFC game or even the Vegas-style slots on the likes of Freebets Casino.

Samsung HT-E6730W Home Theatre System

And you can’t have a super-cool, 147-inch screen without a mind-blowing home theatre system. Costing around $1,000 it has unmatched surround sound and video quality with a 7.1 channel audio system that includes a wireless receiver module for the surrounding speakers.

Working alongside the Sony projector, it would turn your home into some sort of gaming palace. A paradise. And a very loud one at that.

SlouchPod XT


It may look a little out of place with the grandeur of the Sony, but in terms of comfort, you won’t find much better. You can pick up a SlouchPod for a relatively decent price, and unlike other gaming chairs it allows you to be a lot more mobile rather that stuck in one position.

It contains a pocket for remote controls, MP3 players etc, whilst built in speakers will bring the gaming experience even more to life.

Logitech Wireless Game pad F710

Of course you won’t be shooting any zombies without a controller and you can’t get one much better than the Logitech F710.

Built for PC gaming, the F710 links up perfectly with Steam meaning some of the best games on the market can be played in all their glory. It has a simple design, very similar to that of the PlayStation pads, so a switch to PC from PS has never been easier, whilst the vibration feedback is just another feature in your games room that will drag you straight into the heart of the title.

Asko Home Pub Fridge


Too much gaming though can be thirsty work. That’s where the Home Pub Fridge comes in. Not only can you keep your beer cold, you can also get it on draught. Where some fridges have the ice dispenser, this bad boy has a tap, and would finish off an ultimate games room in style.

Inside there’s space for two five litre kegs, so it’s probably about time to get that gaming party started. Oh, and did we tell you… we’re coming!