The latest game to hit the Xbox Live Arcade is Super Meat Boy.  This game is actually based off the flash version which is free to play on newgrounds.  But don’t be fooled, this is not just a rehash of the flash game; this game was completely rebuilt to play on consoles amazingly well.

The masterminds behind Super Meat Boy are called Team Meat.  Team Meat consists mostly of two people, Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes.  For two people to pull off a game of this caliber is utterly amazing.   Yes, super meat boy has its flaws, but they are very few and far between.

You control a piece of meat known as Meat Boy.  His sole purpose in every level is to save his girlfriend Bandage Girl from the evil Dr. Fetus.  Meat Boy slides on walls and is able to keep jumping up them or off them.  The levels start out relatively easy, but scale to near impossibility at the end.  The game seems like a mix between two of my favorite XBLA outings, Trials HD and LIMBO, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

The controls for Super Meat Boy are some of the best to hit the console ever.  Developers of fighting games should take note of these controls.  I have no other way to describe it other than perfect.  The controls are simple enough, move with either joystick or directional pad, hit A to jump, and hold X or RT to run.  With these controls at your hand, you are destined to save bandage girl.

The level designs change in each world.  Don’t think you are just avoiding chainsaws the whole game!  There are toxic slimes, lasers, and even salt, to name a few.  Some maps have moving baddies in them also.  At the end of each world you get to fight a boss.   While the concept of the game is simple, it never gets repetitive since the level designs change drastically.

Super Meat Boy isn’t for everyone though.  If you are not a fan of platformers, or you get easily angered at replaying the same area until successful, I would steer clear. This game can make you very frustrated at times, but when you finally accomplish the goal, you feel great, even though Bandage Girl just gets recaptured  and you have to save her all over again.

The game consists of over 300 unique levels to play.  The first time playing through the game all the levels are known as light levels, then there are dark levels of each light level.  On top of that, there are warp zones in certain levels that take you to another level altogether.  As if that wasn’t enough, most levels have a bandage piece hidden in a hard to get to area.  The warp zones allow you to unlock other characters to use, but you have to have collected enough bandages to be able to use the character.  If that is still not enough, the developers promise new DLC to be coming out for the game in the future.

Overall I would recommend for everyone to have this game in their XBLA library, and at the very least try out the free demo HERE.

Enjoy the launch trailer

This game is on sale for 800 MSP($10) until November 21st, 2010, when it will go back up to its normal price of 1200 MSP($15).
Gameplay / Controls (5 out of 5)
Graphics (4 out of 5)
Sound (4 out of 5)
Replay Value (3 out of 5)
Entertainment (5 out of 5)
* Title : Super Meat Boy
* Format : XBLA
* Developer : Team Meat
* Publisher : Team Meat
* Release Date : 10/20/10
* Players : 1


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