Each week a number of cool games creep onto Google Play as soft launches so developers can test the game out in select regions before it goes global. Pac-Man Monsters is a game we stumbled across that appears to be in soft launch mode, and it you’re a fan of the power pellet munching hero you may want to take note of this one from GREE and Namco Bandai.

We’ve seen Pac-Man in many forms over the years, and Pac-Man Monsters ditches the arcade-based formula for some Puzzle RPG fun. The game features over 100 different ‘monsters’ from whacky world of Pac-Land and you’ll be able to pick and choose your own team of monsters on your quest to save the land.

There’s also mention of evolving monsters so there appears to be some CCG elements thrown in as well. As we haven’t been able to play it, things are a little vague beyond the Play Store description, but Pac-Man Monsters will be free-to-play and it looks like you’ll have to be “connected” to play it.pac-man.monsters1

As mentioned, Pac-Man Monsters is in soft launch mode (we think) so if you live in the US you’re out of luck for the time being. We’ve not been able to confirm which regions have access to the game, but Canada and Australia/New Zealand are good bets. As old-school Pac-Man fans, rest assured we’ll have a review of Pac-Man Monsters whenever it goes live in the states. You can hit up the link below to see if Pac-Man Monsters is available to play in your region.

Pac-Man Monsters