Mojo Bones first caught our attention with the quirky platformer Tongue Tied! back in 2011 before switching gears to release the puzzle game known as ‘The Curse’ with Toy Studio. This week they released the follow-up to their popular puzzler, and while the layout is the same you’ll be dealing with Captain Bodnar Bucklebeard this time

The Voyage is a page-based puzzle game just like The Curse where you’ll have to work your way through 100 tricky puzzles to decipher a treasure map and find the Velvet Marley’s trove of treasure.

The puzzles span several different categories and there are 29 different types of challenges to take on. There’s also a talking pirate that pops up (Bucklebeard) from time to time and a hint system in case you get stuck. Those hints will cost you when the free ones run out, so keep that in mind before spending your hard earned hint coins.

While we haven’t spent much time with The Voyage, it appears to be a pirate-themed version of The Curse. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if you enjoyed the previous game and are a fan of puzzlers. Voyage is live on Google Play and The App Store and on sale for a limited time at $0.99 to celebrate its release.