Our overall verdict "Average"

We talked about Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff last week, and we’ve spent quite a bit of time with the game since it was in its Beta form. After helping Quagmire with some Gerbils and spending some time with ‘Tweaked Out Peter’ we’re back with our Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Review.family.guy.quest.for.stuff

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a typical building game where you erect all sorts of structures from thrift shops to Buddy Cianci Junior High and Anal Point. Needless to say, if you are easily offended Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is not the game for you. If you dig the shows style of humor you’ll get more than a few laughs out of the game which is rare. Can’t remember the last time a building game made me chuckle.family.guy.quest.for.stuff

As with all building games, there are timers on everything and the quests start out easy enough before making you wait 6-12 hours between tasks. All the characters have there own set of tasks, can be leveled up and there are even a few costumes you can put together by collecting ‘drops’ from completed quests. Everything else about Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is essentially the same as you’ll find in any other building game including a massive dose of IAP’s.family.guy-quest.for.stuff-5

If you’re going to put out a building game based on a franchise as popular as Family Guy, you had better fill it full of cool content – luckily TinyCo and Fox have done just that. You’ll see most of the fan favorites from Quahog like the Lobster Shanty and Bob’s Funland along with fun oddities like Hindenpeter and a Dictator Statue of Stewie. Unfortunately, a lot of the cooler characters and items are going to cost you clams which is the game’s form of premium currency. Want’ Daggermouth’s Cave? It can be yours for 200 clams.family.guy.quest.for.stuff

As with Tapped Out, and damn near every other building game under the sun, The Quest for Stuff is a freemium game that puts an emphasis on the in-app purchases. You’ll need premium currency to speed things up and unlock certain items, and the prices aren’t great… just as you’d expect. It’s also beyond annoying to get nailed with a quest-based purchase early in the game, especially when it can’t be cleared unless you spend $5 bucks.family.guy-quest.for.stuff-12

As much as I wanted to love Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, the long timers and in-app purchases killed most of the humor that the writers brought into the game. It’s a game that’s full of cool eye candy, but you’re going to have to dig deep into your pockets if you want to pick up the Crippletron or Consuela’s House.

If you’re a ‘casual’ gamer and timers or in-app purchases don’t bother you, you will absolutely love this game if you’re a fan of the series. If the issues with Tapped Out annoyed you, you’ll want to skip this one or prepare to be frustrated.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff