Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Nimblebit is known for their pixely titles, and last week they brought Disco Zoo to Android. After spending some time waking up Unicorns and hunting down pigs, we’re back with our Disco Zoo Review.

Disco Zoo is a management sim that puts you in charge of a pixely little zoo. You’re tasked with finding new animals to populate the zoo and with keeping those animals awake for the customers to enjoy. The latter is the key to the game as you won’t make a penny if the sheep are snoozing.disco.zoo-2

Your little Disco Zoo is empty starting out, but you’re given a hot air balloon to fly to the farm and scoop up some new animals. You’ll recruit new beasts for your zoo through a mini-game that has you choose blocks to try and uncover the animals for that grid. The pattern of the animal coincides with its shape – a Crocodile will take up four squares vertically or horizontally while Kangaroos are always diagonal.

Collecting animals becomes fairly simple once you memorize the patters, but the cost of searching for them increases each time you go for a rescue. Your turns are limited as well although you can spend Disco Bux to extend a run or watch a quick video for a few more turns. Needless to say, this comes in handy when you’re trying to pick up a Gryphon or another mythical species.disco.zoo-4

All the animals you collect will be put into pens in your zoo, and each has a sleep timer that lets you know how long it’ll be until they pass out and stop earning money. You can also see how many coins a minute they earn along with their current level. All the creatures can be leveled up, and you can even earn some extra loot by selling animals to other zoos or capturing escaped creatures.disco.zoo-1

You’ll spend most of your time in Disco Zoo rescuing animals, and the rest of your time keeping them awake. The game has a notification system to let you know when an animal snoozes and you simply need to tap a square in their pen to wake them up. If you really want to keep the zoo jumping (literally) you can spend Disco Bux to start a “Disco Party” at the zoo complete with strobe lights and dancing animals.  It’s a good time for all, and you’ll earn double income for as long as the party lasts.

Disco Zoo may not be the deepest zoo game around, but there’s plenty to like and it’s a great casual game that anyone can pick up and play with ease. There’s even a toddler mod that shuts down Disco Bux spending and app-store access so you don’t have to worry about the kids wanting to make your Zebras dance for 24 hours.

Milkbag Games did a great job with the game, and as with all of Nimblebit’s titles, the IAP’s aren’t an issue – nicely done. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Disco Zoo for free on Google Play.