Here’s an interesting take on the “pay what you want” style bundle: is offering a collection of 6 eBooks about videogames for a price you choose, plus an extra 3 books if you pay $12 or more.  As is standard for this type of bundle, you can choose how your money is split between the authors and StoryBundle.

The included books are:

  • How To Do Things With Videogames by Ian Bogost
  • Atari Inc.: Business Is Fun by Marty Goldberg & Curt Vendel
  • Scroll: Collection 01-11 by Ray Barnholt
  • Ghosts In The Machine by edited by Lana Polansky & Brendan Keogh
  • Service Games: The Rise & Fall Of Sega by Sam Pettus
  • The Gothic Tower & Assorted Interactive Fiction by Ryan Veeder (BONUS: short story collection ‘Motorcyclus’ by Ryan Veeder.)

If you pay more than the bonus price of just $12, you get all six of the regular tomes, plus three unmissable extra full-length books/apps:

  • Boss Fight Books #1: Earthbound by Ken Baumann
  • Minecraft by Daniel Goldberg and Linus Larsson1
  • The Final Hours Of Portal 2 (eBook/Steam app) by Geoff Keighley

This is a little different than your standard Humble eBook Bundle – this bundle is all about gaming and features some of the best books ever written on the subject.