Currently over 200% and running on Kickstarter, KiCKeT!-ARENA, a quirky combination of fantasy and soccer in a tabletop, or better said, ground-top. Created by illustrator of boardgames, computer games and movies, Ralf Paul from Cologne, Germany. Time to check in with Ralf Paul.

What is KiCKeT!-ARENA? KiCKeT!-ARENA brings tabletop fantasy gaming to the floor with huge 10″ (25cm) miniatures that you push around your battle arena with your foot. It is a turn-based action, dexterity and tactical game. It is similar to the game Blood Bowl, but mixes in elements from curling and real soccer. With the special abilities and constantly expanding races, weapons and spells, you can fight over the control of the ball and then actually shoot at a miniature goal to score.

Do tell us more about it’s uniqueness. Actually, our greatest unique feature is that we take all of the action to the FLOOR! Rather than small miniatures on a table in a virtual environment, we have huge miniatures you actually kick and slide around in any environment; whether that is your living room, your yard, at the beach, on the street. You can play almost anywhere.

Our game puts you in control, using your own tactics, dexterity, and shooting action, rather than letting the dice decide the outcome. Another great feature of KiCKeT!-ARENA is that you can play with our basic rules for a simpler and faster game, or with our advanced rules that turn the game into a strategic battle.

Why did you decide to start a campaign on a crowd funding platform? As KiCKeT!-ARENA does not fit a current mold in the gaming community, we also weren’t sure that companies would be willing to take the risk to partner with us. But, first and foremost, we wanted to maintain our artistic license and avoid being limited by any types of corporate policies that might inhibit our creativity.

Is it the company your first game? KiCKeT!-ARENA is the second game that we have developed, and our second Kickstarter project. For the past 20 years, our company has focused mainly on comics, illustrations for board and video games, creating characters, and other illustrations for the gaming and advertising industry.
Our first game, KiCKeT!, which was our first attempt at crowd funding, helped build the groundwork for KiCKeT!-ARENA.

KiCKeT!-ARENA is kicking ass with over 200% funding. The KiCKeT! Kickstarter campaign however, didn’t get funded. It had similar mechanics but a different genre. Dogged does it.

The KiCKeT!-ARENA Kickstarter campaign has 54 backers pledging $7,759, and an $3,000 goal – at the time of writing. Deadline: May 1st 2014.