The Weird Story Of Waldemar The Warlock is a game with a story so exceptional, we might be faced with something unique. What’s the deal? A protagonist necromancer who’s overly persistent in his duty to communicate with the after-life. But, with a good touch of self-mockery.

Before engaging in his necromantic activities, our protagonist has tried a few other hobbies. He’s written a cookbook. And voiced an actual Death Metal record.

In the game he has a different object of desire, his ‘necromance’ – the one dead soul he likes to analyse – is the legendary Waldemar The Warlock. A man of unimaginable power and cruelty. And a fluffy beard.



The story telling feels incredibly engaging. And it should be. As an adventure game, the story development should be as captivating as a decent movie. But to say that this is an old-school point-and-click adventure with both humour and horror, and a unique storyline – just doesn’t get the message across. Thank goodness we have video. Have a look below.

Where’s the gaming in all this? According to the multinational team behind it, enComplot, it’s in “the enigmas, the  puzzles, the challenges to the player that activate his/her lateral thinking and ingeniousness, the clues incorporated in the dialogue… narration, deduction, ingeniousness and ambience are what define the genre´s identity.”

The Weird Story Of Waldemar The Warlock Kickstarter campaign has 3100 backers pledging for £8,195 out of a £40,000 goal – at the time of writing. Deadline: April 29, 2014.