Disco and the Zoo aren’t two things that generally go together, but nobody told that to Milkbag Games makers of the funky Disco Zoo. NimbleBit brought this pixely little game to iOS in February, and a few days ago it popped onto Google Play. Ready to boogie with some Bison?Screenshot_2014-04-11-17-12-12

Disco Zoo is management sim that puts you to work collecting animals for your 8-bit zoo. You’ll spend most of your time procuring animals from around the globe through mini-games, and when you’re not doing that, you’ll have to keep a close eye on the animals in stock as they tend to take naps throughout the day.

You can awake your animals from slumber by tapping or through a Disco Party. The parties can last from one minute to eight hours, and cost Zoo Bux which is the game’s form of Premium currency. IAP’s are present, but not crucial to the zoo in the early stages at least.

If you enjoy management games and pixels, you’ll definitely dig Disco Zoo. It’s simple and essentially a tap & collect kind of game, but it’s quite a bit of fun nonetheless.  You can check out Disco Zoo on Google Play for free.