Chillingo dropped two new games this week with Fright Heights and Iron Force – the two could not be more different. We weren’t in the mood for a fright, so we decided to go with the tanks of Iron Force.iron.force3

If you like tanks, Iron Force is going to be your cup of tea as it’s nothing but tanks, and it’s an online multiplayer game. You start out with a slow mass of metal, but will be able to upgrade your tank fairly quickly after you go through a few battles. You start out with a little Free-for-All against the A.I. (or mine was at least) to show you the ropes and after that, it’s off to the world of online multiplayer.iron force

Iron Force has three modes of play with FFA, Team, and something called Finders Keepers. Team mode drops you into 4 vs. 4 team battles while Finders Keepers has you hunting packages for the high score against others. All the modes are straightforward, and I spent most of my time in the 6-player Free-for-All’s destroying anyone in my path. It was a good time.

Now for the downside. Iron Force is a freemium game, and it uses a gas tank for the dreaded energy meter. It also uses diamonds for “premium” currency and between the two… well, you know how it goes by now. It takes three tanks of gas to battle, and 10 minutes to fill one tank back up. A refill will cost you six gems, but you’ll want to watch how you spend those as you may want to speed up an upgrade. As you can see from the screenshot, they can be a bit slow.

Iron Force has been out on iOS for a while now and while it does have some issues with its freemium setup, it redeems itself by being a great online tank game. You may have to wait awhile to play, but you’re going to have a blast blowing folks up when your energy is full. You can pick up Iron Tank for free on Google Play.

Iron Tank