Last month we got Adventure Time – Card Wars, and this week Android games got another Cartoon Network game with Adventure Time – Rock Bandits. It’s been out for a little over a year on iOS, and now it’s available to play via the Amazon App

Adventure Time – Rock Bandits is a platformer of sorts that has you swipe to move, jump, climb, and attack. There’s also a storyline to follow involving stolen fans and Marceline’s rock band which plenty of references to the show and comic series sprinkles throughout.  Fans will be pleased with that aspect of Rock Bandits.

There are 20 levels to run and swipe through in Adventure Time – Rock Bandits, and you’ll adventure through four different regions with Lumpy Space, Bad Lands, Dark Forest, and the Ice Kingdom. Needless to say, the Ice King is behind the shenanigans in the Land of Ooo, but the Lemongrabs do make an appearance.adventure.time-bandits

I haven’t spent much time with Adventure Time – Rock Bandits, but I have a feeling the controls may become problematic as you progress through the game. The comic part of the game is great as are the graphics and overall setting, but the control scheme is a bit of a letdown. Fans of the show may dig this one, fans of platforms… not so much.

If you want to take Adventure Time – Rock Bandits for a spin, you can pick it up for $1.99 on Amazon’s App Store.