Even Allison Huynh, one of the key team members of MyDream, admits that their project is difficult to boil down to one newsworthy mention. Nevertheless this game already has 4.3 million objects created by users in their game. No surprise it’s currently over 100% and running on Kickstarter.

4.3 million user-generated 3d voxel in-game objects  – while they barely allowed that many people into their closed beta version! Good thing – because this game IS going to be made by you – the users.

In MyDream you create your own, mouse-crafted, 3D world. It’s not about looting and gaining power – but about building and creating that world – in a limitless sandbox game using advanced voxel based technology.

It’s all about cooperation, which is why this is a multiplayer cloud hosted game, where points are gained if others enter the world you crafted. They may even start gaming there… Maybe you’ve built a labyrinth with hidden treasures and hordes of on-line people are now searching your turf.

So what is it you see when you enter this game, with a world that has yet to be built? According to Allison Huynh MyDream gives gamers ‘an awesome meta-game to avoid that overwhelming feeling you get when you are staring at a blank canvas with a million kinds of paint’.

Best way to understand the world you’d enter and the tools you’ll have, is to look at their video below.

Since MyDream has been fully backed, but still is up and running – you might want to have a look at their campaign page – should you wonder what they could possibly have to add to all this.

The MyDream Kickstarter campaign has 333 backers pledging for $116,461 – with a $100,000 goal. Deadline: April 12, 2014.