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An extremely controversial game series for it’s time. In 2014 we feel that games can get away with a lot more when it comes to violence and gore than when this series was originally released. If Manhunt was rebooted on the Playstation 4 and featured the same “hunt or be hunted” type gameplay it would be an entertaining title.

The Legend of Dragoon


An extremely underrated RPG for the Playstation. Surprisingly after 14 years The Legend of Dragoon never received a sequel. With its unique combat system and power up ability, The Legend of Dragoon definitely deserves a sequel or an HD remake.



It feels like ages since we’ve seen Captain Falcon in action on the race track, and that’s just not acceptable. The F-Zero franchise is one of the most fast paced and intense racing game franchises ever made, and experiencing it once again on the WiiU would be amazing. Here’s hoping Captain Falcon reappears from a 10 year absence and graces our presence once again.

Pokemon Snap


One of the most unique games of it’s time. The on-track photography pokemon game was a whole lot of fun and kept us wanting more… and it never came. You can’t help but think that with the technology the WiiU has there is no time like the present to make a Pokemon Snap 2. With the massive roster of pokemon and new areas a second Pokemon Snap is definitely one of the most wanted video game comebacks.



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