Ed from Austin, Texas, is described as ‘Skull-smashing mad computer scientist in your base’ and ‘Hack of all Trades’. Don’t let introductions deceive you. Ed just created a Dungeon Crawl for 5-year-olds.

Turns out, Ed is a dad. As father of small kids he’s been looking for an alternative, a card game that he himself could also enjoy. Have a look at Ed’s introduction video on Kickstarter below.

There are not many games accessible to such young players as 5-year-olds. And a tabletop Dungeon Crawl truly seems a cute and smart idea for little ones. Your actual tabletop becoming the dungeon, and the cards representing the monsters and loot to start the battle.

Also, the dungeon is located on the back of a giant turtle. Hence ‘Little Dungeon: Turtle Rock‘.

‘It was designed with simplicity and accessibility as primary objectives. But offers elements of strategy that older players enjoy too’, says Ed. Check out the explainer below to get a feel for its simplicity.

The Little Dungeon: Turtle Rock Kickstarter campaign has 207 backers pledging $4,826 of the $8,500 goal, at the time of writing. Deadline: April 25, 2014.