Back in 1986 the world was introduced to R.B.I. Baseball on the NES where it was a massive hit before spawning a couple of sequels and being ported over to every classic system under the sun. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the game is making a comeback as RBI Baseball 14 and today we got a release date.

RBI Baseball 14 is headed to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and iOS on April 9th which is right around the corner. The new game may not have Nolan Ryan or Big Mac, but it will have that 2-button style of gameplay that helped make the original series so popular. It also has the full backing of the MLB, so you can expect real players and lots of stats.RBI14_4-944x530

The new game will offers up several modes of play including solo or two-player exhibition matches along with postseason and regular season modes. No mention of a dynasty mode, but that’s no surprise as RBI Baseball 14 is said to be s “stripped down” version of today’s baseball games. What’s interesting however, is the price as the game will set you back $19.99 on consoles and $4.99 on mobiles. High priced mobile games can be hit or miss – hopefully this one will pack a lot of bang for the buck.

If you’re feeling a little left out that RBI Baseball 14 isn’t on next-gen consoles or Android, no worries. The game is scheduled to launch on the Ps4 and Xbox One in May, and while there’s no firm release date for an Android version it’s expected to launch soon after the iOS version, so hopefully we’ll see it in April. We’ll be back with a full review of RBI Baseball 14 whenever it makes its way to Google Play.

Via – Polygon