The Square Enix Collective program finally got underway today, and it’s a program that’s going to be of interest to gamers and developers alike.

Squeenix’s Collective program is a pitching platform of sorts, as developers will be able to pitch an idea for a game through the site. Gamers will then get to vote on the ideas, and whatever game gets the most votes will head off to Indiegogo to get funding. The Square Enix Collective program will work with Indiegogo to help the dev’s get funded, and they’ll also handle distribution once the game is ready for primetime.

Three platform has already gone through the pilot phase with Tuque Games “World War Machine” emerging as the first game out of the program. World War Machine will hit Indiegogo in April, but you can find out more about it at the official

As of today the Square Enix Collective program is open for new submissions with new pitches being published each Monday. If you’re interested in the program you can sign up and get started at the link below.

The Square Enix Collective