We’ve seen several keyboard and mouse mashups over the years, and most of the monstrosities are cool looking, but not practical. The minds at Solid Art Labs think they’ve solved the issue with their King’s Assembly project on Kickstarter.

The King’s Assembly combines a keyboard, laser mouse, and analog joystick into one crazy contraption. We’ll actually two as each side of the setup contains a laser mouse, joystick, and 30-key mechanical keyboard.kings.assembly

The keys can be setup however you’d like, and if you want to “move” the mouse, you just slider the keyboard. The aim is to let users be able to save time switching between mouse and keyboard, and while we haven’t used the King’s Assembly, it will certainly cut out any transitions.

King’s Assembly has already reached its funding goal (and then some), so it’s a device that will get made and they’ve already hit some stretch goals including a refined design and wireless capabilities. That’s right, it’s also wireless so there’s no need for a messy USB cable.

At the time of this writing there are 11 days left on the clock, and several pledge levels available if you’d like to pick up the King’s Assembly. $110 will get you one side/hand of the device, while $185 gets you the whole setup, and the first units are expected to roll out in September.

King’s Assembly