Back in February, we did a “Beta Breakdown” on Disney’s CCG Star Wars: Assault Team. If you were chomping at the bit to get your hands on the game, today is your lucky day as Star Wars: Assault Team has finally gone live for Android and iOS.

Star Wars: Assault Team is a CCG that takes gamers on an all new journey with some familiar friends from the past. Yes, it’s a CCG and there is most definitely a strong IAP presence, but it’s Star Wars, it looks great and it’s an absolute blast once you figure out how to work your way past the pay-to-play

If you have played any of the hundreds of TCG/CCG’s in the app stores, you’ll feel right at home with Star Wars: Assault Team. The battling is turn-based, there are a slew of card to collects, and you can “evolve” your heroes several times over. At this time, there are 6 chapters in the game and a special missions section. All the stages use the 3-star/medal approach, so there’s quite a bit of depth and you’ve got the Arena to battle in as well.

Star Wars: Assault Team is going to divide a lot of fans, as some will detest the IAP setup while others won’t mind it because it’s Star Wars. I detest IAP’s as much as the next gamer, and have been playing the game daily since the soft launch. They aren’t that bad if you’re used to the whole IAP thing, and you can get around them with smart gameplay. Haven’t spent a penny, and I’ve had a blast so far. If you’re wondering what’s changed since the Beta… quite a bit actually as I’ve noticed a lot of graphical tweaks and we got some new levels to boot.Screenshot_2014-03-27-13-38-34

If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Star Wars: Assault Team for free on Google Play and the App Store. Check back soon for a full review of Star Wars: Assault Team.