Adventure Time is one of those shows that connects with a lot of folks young and old. There have been several Adventure Time games put out, and some have been more successful than others. We reviewed the latest game, Card Wars – Adventure Time last month, and today we found out that a couple of new Adventure Time games are on the way.

Cartoon Network is teaming up with Little Orbit for two new games based on the Adventure Time franchise, and both are set to be out later this year. One game will be based solely on Adventure Time while the other will take characters from the show and other Cartoon Network series and combine them into a multi-property game. Here’s to hoping the latter it’s a Super Smash Brothers style game – that would be mathematical to say the least.

Adventure Time is a series that’s ripe for the world of video games with a large cast of strange characters. It’s safe to say a lot of fans have been a little disappointed with the offering so far aside from Card Wars which is great, but hampered by the IAP setup somewhat… just depends on how you play.

Either way, today’s new is outstanding if you’re a fan of the series, and while no firm release date has been set for the games, you can expect them out in Q4 of this year on consoles and mobile devices.

Source: Polygon