Twitch Games have always been popular, but we’ve seen a lot more of them over the past few months thanks to Flappy bird and its army of clones. Today we’re going to take a look at a new quick play game from Fat Fish Games by the name of Tiny tiny touchdownTouchdown.

It’s hard to transition a full-fledged football game to mobiles, and while Tiny Touchdown doesn’t let you piece together a team of Superstars, it does let you get a taste of what life’s like on the goal line. You’re tasked with playing the lone defender, the only man standing between the opposing team and the end zone. Your goal is to stop the offensive players from scoring, and it’s much more difficult than it sounds.

There’s only one control in Tiny Touchdown as you simply need to swipe your finger left to right to move your player from side to tiny touchdownside. When the game starts, an offensive player will come down the field and you simply need to stop them by sliding your player into their path. Just like air hockey, but with little 8-bit men and no rebounding puck. Bottles, multipliers, and medals come into play, but I haven’t made it far enough to encounter anything but the endless onslaught of opponents.

Tiny Touchdown is a game that anyone will be able to pick up and play with ease, and it’s a great way to kill some time if you’re a football fan. It’s essentially the same game as Tiny Goalie, but with a football twist and it’s pretty damned challenging to boot. Tiny Football is free to download (ad-supported) on your favorite iOS and Android device.