Last week we told you about Sony’s upcoming VR headset that was expected to be shown off at GDC 2014. Today was the day as Sony officially announced the headset, and it goes by the name of Project Morpheus.

In its current form, Project Morpheus has a 90 degree field of view and a 1080p display. The refresh rate is said to be 1,000HZ just in case you were wondering. The headset relies on the PlayStation Camera, accelerometer, and gyroscope to track your head movement and it’s got 3D stereoscopic sound to boot. It also looks really, really cool as you can see from the photo. Project Morpheus will work with Dualshock 4 controllers and the PlayStation Move as well.

We have no idea how close Project Morpheus is to hitting the streets, but Sony does have some big names on-board including Epic and Crytek. Nobody got their hands on it today, but Sony plans on demoing the unit tomorrow and a few of the games mentioned were Eve Valkyrie and Thief along with a couple of demos.

The Oculus Rift got people excited again about Virtual Reality, and while there are other projects in the works, Sony is the first major player to take a crack at the VR game. It’s still in its early form, but it will be interesting to see what gamers think when they see the unit in action tomorrow. Expect to hear a lot more about Project Morpheus in the coming weeks.

Source: Sony, Engadget