There are few things we’d truly be lost without. The smartphone isn’t quite there, but it’s pretty close. The ability to control our lives from a device that sits comfortably in our pocket is quite staggering. And with more and more apps available on our Android mobiles, we’re become even more reliant.

And who can blame us? There are some great apps out there. We take a look at the top five around right now.

Endomodo PRO

There are plenty of fitness apps on the market, and they all work well, but it’s no surprise Endomodo is one of the most highly rated. The app has over 20 million users and allows you to view graphs on lap times, heart rates, and speed throughout workouts, giving you all the information you need to smash you previous PB.

Unlike other apps, Endomodo has a much more social side to it, allowing you to hear life peptalks from friends and share your workouts with fellow fitness fans.

Paper Camera

Like fitness, there are a world of photography apps out there, but snapping the right one can be tricky. Paper Camera offers a range of painting and cartoon effects in a fun and simple display turning your trip to the zoo into a comic book, or dark, moody park lion’s den in the heart of Gotham City.

Full Tilt Rush Poker

For all those gamers who enjoy a quick hand to liven up their day, Full Tilt Poker is the perfect app. With a large pool of players and a lobby fully optimised for mobile gaming, it brings the casino directly to you. It’s fast, it’s furious, and it could well be your lucky day.

Google Translate

Abroad? Not quite sure how to order dessert? Or even starters? Well for starters download the Google Translate app and solve all your problems. It offers translations on over 70 languages via text, handwritten words, spoken word and even text recognition via the camera.

It can then translate through text or even repeat the phrase back to you. Problem solved.

FX Guru: Movie FX Director

Not fancy clearing the garage this weekend? Well then just blow it up. Or at least pretend. The FX Guru app allows you to add a number of special effects to your videos from commandos overtaking your backyard to a satellite falling and crushing your garage.

Turn your life into the movies. It’s fun.