Last month we told you about a killer new game on Kickstarter by the name of Darkest Dungeon, and as its Kickstarter campaign comes to a close, we thought it was time for an update.

When we last checked in on Darkest Dungeon, the folks at Red Hook Studios had managed to raise $195,668 of their $75,000 goal. Quite a bit has changed since that time and the total has grown to $295,165 at the time of this writing with 12 hours still on the clock. The total has skyrocketed, and that means we’ve got some cool new additions through the stretch goals.darkest.dungeon-1

Darkest Dungeon has scratched three additional stretch goals off their list including Town Events, an Ultra-Rare Trinket Pack, and 20% more game. If you’re wondering what the extra gameplay brings to the table, you’re getting a new dungeon, monster set, curious, and all sorts of other goodies. The Ancestor’s Trinket Pack offers up 6 new powerful items while Town Events liven things up with a mix of ‘events’ that can have a negative or positive outcome.

In addition to the stretch goals, Red Hook hosted an AMA on Reddit, revealed a new class (Grave Robber) and added a ‘Megagoal’ to the campaign which includes Steam Workshop integration and new cinematics. That will unlock at $350k, but character color customization is close as we’re less than $5,000 away from unlocking that goal.

If you still haven’t checked out Darkest Dungeons, there’s no time like the present and you’ve got 12 hours left to show your support. Darkest Dungeons is scheduled for a January 2015 release on PC’s and Macs.

Darkest Dungeon